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I'm very impressed! Everything you have written is dead on the money. It's refreshing to see someone telling it like it is and doing so in such a clear and concise manner. It's great that you are actually giving your students some specific methods instead of vague generalities too. Your articles on risk management and proper mindset are simply outstanding.
Posted By: Dave Druz
Tactical Investment Management Corporation, Commodity Trading Advisor / Commodity Pool Operator since 1981
I read the material and really enjoyed it. The mental approach and guidelines are informative for new people coming into systematic trend following. It could use an edit as some things are repeated, but it does an excellent job of explaining the process and the mental approach. Well done
Posted By: Rob Robbins
Ever Trend Global , CFA
Trend following – if it was easy, we’d all be doing it.
Google search trend following and you will be presented with a great many websites which offer to teach you this simple method to make a lot of money. They will tell you that all you have to do is buy low and sell high …. Now why didn’t I think of that ! It is easy to see why people are so easily attracted to these offers. One only has to look at a price chart. Commodity future, currency cross rate, financial instrument, the contract is immaterial. It is a fact that any market you look at will have exhibited trending in the past. One can predict with certainty that it will trend in the future too. Where I feel that Andy’s insight is so valuable is that he is an active practitioner. He gives us views, and posts articles, which highlight the discipline and self belief needed to be successful in this arena. Trend following sounds so simple, looking at a chart it easy to say, in hindsight, that we would have bought there, and sold here. Now tell me where we are going tomorrow. Andy’s blog shows us that trend following is about percentages. Increasing your chances of calling the future direction of a market correctly over time, and having an exit plan in place before one takes a position. I encourage anyone with exposure to the markets, regardless of experience, to read the material!
Posted By: Benjamin Smith
ADM Investor Services International
I had some time tonight to go through this and looks like it will be a very interesting course. Funny, I was just discussing with someone how the best investors are not afraid to share their trading plan with others as they know that there is no secret recipe in all this, that risk management and discipline are really 95% of the battle. Clearly you are not afraid as are providing yours.
Posted By: Gerald Rehn
Rehn Capital Management LLC, Principal
I had the privilege of reading the materials on Andy's trend following course. I love the fact that there are lots of examples and Andy clearly explains the trade reasoning. He also quotes from well-known successfully gurus over the years. I like Andy's statement that trading has to fit ones personality. Everyone is different. I've meet quite a few successful traders over the 20 years I've been trading professionally. Ironically not one person uses the same system. What Andy does capture, are the true building blocks of building a successful trading system.

I believe that anyone applying the principles in this course would have success over the long haul. The elements of risk management should be followed without question. The only other way to learn this is from personal losses.

Besides the techniques, Andy also discusses the mental attitude required to trade the markets. Great work Andy!
Posted By: Ken Kinkopf
Kinkopf Capital Management, LLC, President
I have been registered in the futures industry since 1987 and the information on Trend Following provided by Andrew Abraham is some of the most comprehensive and easy to follow that I have seen. Andrew provides pure information with no hidden agendas. He does not hide the risk nor simplify the work a trader needs to do. Discipline and patience, two of the most key elements in money management are stressed. I would highly
recommend that anyone serious about trading should take this class
Posted By: Chuck Bohm
Pioneer Futures Inc
Andy gives a structured, simple, and concise way to understand Trend Following and most importantly the discipline and patience this strategy needs in order to work. I really enjoyed his personal views and risk management tools that has kept him in trading for many years.
Posted By: Eduardo Frid
EF Financial Services, Prado Norte 662, Mexico DF, 11000, Mexico
just wanted to say that although we have only spoken a few times by Skype & Email, you have been a tremendous help in keeping my trading moving in the right direction. Your blog posts & the videos which you broadcast are invaluable. You talk about concepts which most others do not. By taking a cold hard look at risk in the face and by taking in all that you preach, you have inspired a few Aha! moments for me. Consequently both my confidence & trading results have increased and I can assure you that this is no coincidence.

Failing to plan is planning to fail and in trading this virtue is particularly poignant.

Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom with the trading community
Posted By: Howard Fraser
Right on Andy! We are a small CTA in Cincinnati, and I can tell you our short position in Natural Gas made our year in 2011. We didn't finish in the positive (down approx. 4.9%), but if we had skipped the NG trade, I don't even want to think what our year end result would've been. Keep up the good work
Posted By: Todd Miller
Availeth Capital
Your explanation of trend following is extremely informative and should be very useful for any individuals who hope to begin trading in a trend following strategy. One of my favorite aspects to your report is that you are relaying the message that trend following and trading are, indeed, work. So many individuals have the wrong impression entirely as to what it is that a trader or trend follower does with his or her time. As with any other career path, trading takes time, research and extraordinary effort in order to be successful.

You have done a fantastic job of explaining Rate Of Change on price, and how to utilize ROC as an entry signal to long term trends. Likewise, your description of using multiple time frames for entry indication is helpful as well. While different traders utilize many, varying systems, you have made the excellent point that any successful program should be systematized and structured. With the technology available today, a non-systematic, discretionary approach could be a very volatile endeavor.

I enjoyed your analysis of Average True Range, and how to utilize this valuable calculation when managing risk. One thought that I would add to your description is that of utilizing multiple time frames in ATR as well in order to develop a relative volatility measure. I have found that a relative volatility measure is useful in evaluating recent volatility and it often assists in scaling positions. For example, the higher the relative volatility measure, the smaller the position. During a time series analysis, a relative volatility measure can also be utilized as a systematic, entry override if volatility is too high.

Your analysis of appropriate mindset is spot on. The appropriate approach to the markets is to have a fixed protocol for any market condition. Regardless of what the markets throw at you, there should be a fixed plan for taking profits and limiting losses. While many would like to train their minds to be a successful trader, few recognize the stamina and steadfastness needed in order to survive long draw-down periods with little to no income.
I would highly recommend that any individual interested in trend following read your blog as well. The information is accurate and effective
Posted By: John David 
RCO Financial

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