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Trend following by Andrew Abraham
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The Dentist’s goal was and still is to Compound Money over long periods of time. I want to teach you to think like a successful trend follower. I am giving you exactly the methodologies I use on a daily basis for the last 18 years. They are not any Magical Holy Grail rather they are robust ideas that give you the ability to make low risk trades and try to catch trends when they are present. You will need to implement them

Who is Andrew Abraham

I stumbled on to trend following by sheer luck. I sold a business in which I started in college in 1994. In 1994 very few people have even heard of the word “Trend Follower” or “Trend Following”. Through my hard work I saved a chunk of money and I had no idea how to invest it. I was not comfortable with the stock market witnessing the 1987 stock market crash as well as stock volatility in the early 1990s.
I wanted to learn how to have my money work for me & compound. I was overwhelmed with all the books & courses that offered so called magical success & millionaire traders who really weren’t. I probably made every mistake possible. I over traded, I did not follow my trading plan or better said hardly had one nor did not follow my money management plan .It was only through mistakes and losses did I learn. I had the extreme desire & passion to learn and be successful!

As I have always done, I try to surround myself with the smartest people I can. I asked my accountant what he suggested. He told me that he had a client who owned a commodity brokerage firm who was very successful & suggested meeting him. The commodity broker I started with in 1994 learned under Ed Seykota and Van Tharp. Neither Ed Seykota nor Van Tharp provided the Holy Grail, rather how to think, how to be disciplined and patient. If there really is a Holy Grail, this is it.

I have been a speaker at numerous conferences, author of numerous trading articles as well as a professional trader. The course provided by me is unique and refreshingly different from other courses about get rich quick, millionaire traders who aren’t. he course is the result of 18 years of my learning how to trade for a living. It is built for aspiring traders worldwide who want to learn the secrets to becoming consistently successful. My goal is to instill consistency and confidence in my students. Trend following is a business that can give you true freedom. Many new and experienced traders can use my proven proprietary robust methodologies in no more than 30 - 60 minutes a day. What you will learn is contrary from the big gurus, chat rooms or other courses. Trend following can be that missing link you have been seeking for years. With my help you will not second guess yourself or have inconsistent trading results. You will have an exact plan, know exactly what to buy or sell, exactly how much, exactly when to exit. No second thoughts. You will have a plan for exactly managing risk so you will not have that devastating trade or bear market to fear.

The Trend Following Mentor and Thomson Reuters (MetaStock) Partnership

I feel that it is imperative for traders to use the correct tools. The markets are no place to take shortcut. Earlier this year, after doing considerable due diligence, I chose to use MetaStock as my primary technical analysis platform. I did so because it is clearly the most comprehensive and trader friendly software on the market.

Thomson Reuters— is the world's premier “global information company”. They provide information tailored for professionals in the financial services markets. MetaStock, is Thomson Reuters’ retail version of those products and services that the most prestigious financial institutions enjoy. In fact, the readers of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine have awarded MetaStock their Readers Choice Award for 19 consecutive years!

How I Will Teach You

I will combine both the tools of my proprietary robust trading plan that I use every trading day as well as more importantly the proper mindset of a successful trend follower. I will teach you how to think as a successful trend follower. You will learn that as a trend follower you are dealing with uncertainty in the markets and how to deal with this uncertainty. You will learn to take only low risk trades. You will learn to have the courage to put on the next trade when prior trades did not work.
You will learn that you do not need to be right all the time in order to make money! I will give you all the tools I use in my professional trading in order to give you the potential to compound money over time as I have done.
I Can Not Guarantee You Instant Success or Riches

Trend Following is a marathon. Trend following is not a get rich quick or a retirement in a box strategy. You will have to do you work. Even when following the exact plan, profits can be elusive simply due to the fact that the markets are not trending at that particular time. This is the reality of trend following and the big reality is that most traders fail. They jump from method to method. Successful trend following entails a robust methodology, the proper mindset, patience, discipline and the exact execution of the plan. Successful trend followers have mastered these aspects. Trend following success can only be potentially achieved over time. I am not a guru or Harvard graduate however I have been able to compound money over long periods of time while even going through ugly draw downs and extended periods when I did not make money. I persevered and never gave up. If I can do it, so can you!

I am here to help you in achieving your trading goals.
You have 2 choices; you can do what I did and work for 18 years trying to learn to develop a consistent money making strategy or you can read my course, having me available to help you and skip the almost 2 decades of a learning curve that I did.

You too can achieve this goal as well if you want to work hard & have the proper mindset.
The Nations most respected business journalists have called on Andrew through the years