Under Armour Trend Following

Under Armour Stock Trend Following […]

Warren Buffett’s Persistence In Working with Ben Graham

Warren Buffett was a victim of reverse anti-Semitism. When Buffett originally wanted to work for his mentor Ben Graham, on Wall Street, Graham said, “no”. Buffett was shocked and asked why. Graham told him it was because he wasn’t Jewish. Graham wanted to save a spot in the firm for a Jewish person. To be […]

Trend Following for Value Investing as well High Growth Stock Investing

Trend following can be used for value stock investing as well as high growth stock investing. However in both cases it is imperative to know where you are in the stock market.

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Bottom Picking is not Value Investing

Are you a Monkey? Clearly not! What is ironic is that most investors want to be smart and “try” to time or pick bottoms. If you don’t live in a tree but still spend most of your time picking bottoms – there may be a problem.

The reality is that we cannot predict the future […]