Legend of the Turtle Traders Jerry Parker Interview- Trend Following Legend

Legend of the Turtle Traders Jerry Parker Interview […]

Trend Following and Turtle Trading Realities

There are those who look at historical turtle trading results and think they can simply mint money. My motivation is to teach traders the reality of trend following and following exact rules. Today was a typical whipsaw trade. Corn took out and invariably collapsed. This will happen all the time. This is reality..


Jerry Parker: How to Survive Markets the Rest of Your Life #TrendFollowing

I listened to Jerry Parker one of the original turtle traders’s podcast as I was driving in this morning. Jerry’s podcast gives a true picture how hard and challenging trendfollowing really is. Trend following is not a get rich quick rather Grind it out and try to Survive. I truly believe that trend following is […]

Meet Ed Seykota- Every Trend Followers Dream

Meet Ed Seykota in Person!!! An experience of a lifetime to meet Ed Seykota personally. Every trendfollowers dream

The Realities of Trend Following From a Trend Following Legend

I just spoke to a potential student and shared him some of the thoughts of David Druz a legendary trend follower…

Thought to share…

The Bible of Trend Following

I’ve been trading for investors for over 30 years. My first fund, Tactical Commodity Fund started in mid-1981. Tactical’s current program began in 1993 as an […]

Exiting Stock Positions When Stock Market Indicator Goes Negative


First off, I’m a regular reader, and I’d like to say thanks for all of the content that you put out. It’s really helped me to get my head in the game in terms of trend following.

I have a quick question that I think might be helpful for your readers to hear […]

Great Web site on Trend Following!!!

I received this compliment…

I’ve just recently started looking at your blog and your postings are most helpful indeed. What I found outstanding in your approach to trend following is the “trader psychology” advice that is so important here and now. Thank you you Sir.


I am very glad I can help those in […]

Turtle Trader William Eckhardt on Optimization with Mechanical Trading Systems

William Eckhardt is a legendary commodity trader. He had a bet with Richard Dennis if trading could be taught. This was the start of the turtle program. Some of these traders succeeded and some did not. The irony was they all learned the same system. The difference is how they approached risk and dealt with […]

Turtle Trading System Rules-Millions in Up Markets & Down Markets?

The Turtle system was a complete trading system. If it was that simple you can copy and make millions in up markets and down markets. The reality is that most traders lose money. Something like 90%. Trading Systems do not make great traders. What makes great traders is how they think and how they approach […]

It Requires Time to Become a Consistent & Successful Trader & Trend Follower

In every profession one needs experience…Paper trading just does not do it. Trend Following involves much more psychology rather than technique. The proof of this was the turtle program. They learned within 2 weeks with most of the time spent on trading psychology. Ironically this is the last thing anyone thinks they need to learn. […]