Jerry Parker Chesapeake- Original Turtle Trader Podcast -Love Your Losses & Draw downs

Jerry Parker from Chesapeake Capital is one of the original turtle traders. He has a podcast called Love your losses and your draw downs….

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Turtle Trading System Rules-Millions in Up Markets & Down Markets?

The Turtle system was a complete trading system. If it was that simple you can copy and make millions in up markets and down markets. The reality is that most traders lose money. Something like 90%. Trading Systems do not make great traders. What makes great traders is how they think and how they approach […]

Turtle Commodities Trader

The Turtle Commodities Trader had several questions before they started their commodities trading.

1. What is the state of the market? 2. What is the volatility of the market? 3. What is the equity being traded? 4. What is the system or the trading orientation? 5. What is the risk aversion of the trader or […]