What to Really Think About Trend Following Managed Futures

What to Really Think About Trend Following Managed Futures […]

Trend Following Breakout Setup MCHP

Trend Following Breakout Setup MCHP […]

Trend Following the Stock Market Weekend Review $GDX $ELLI $MXL $QQQ

Been a very tough stock market for traders who are battling along with the bulls and bears. Fridays action was somewhat encouraging, albeit on lower volume. Lower volume does not show commitment rather a potential bear market rally. The market rallied due to jaw boning of crude cutbacks. Crude flew up and the stock market […]

Andreas Clenow Trend Following Top Traders Unplugged

I want to share this the site. I truly enjoy listening…

“Never accept the old-style, blackbox explanation – always understand what is going on.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

In our continued conversation with Andreas Clenow, we discuss the research and work that goes into making his trading model, how he deals with risk and drawdowns, […]

Will The Stock Market Crash -Trend Following Perspective

I had this question yesterday..Will The Stock Market Crash from a Trend Following Perspective?

I do not make predictions nor go on CNBC…My answer to the dismay of the caller was rather shocked. I told him I have no idea. That in order for one to be a successful Trend Follower, they need to check […]

Wild Stock Market Session Trend Following

Yesterday was one wild stock market session yesterday. After opening stronger the major averages sold off to significant losses and it looked like it would be another negative day. HOWEVVVVERRRRR…the roller coaster started. For those you love roller coasters…have fun. I prefer to avoid drama and sit patiently in cash.

One can easily say…The […]

Trend Following During Worse Quarter SP 500 Performance

I received an interesting email this morning showing how trend following the BTOP 50 did compared to the worse quarter Sp 500 performance. Firstly I want to point out the the SP 500 has completely out performed the BTOP 50 in recent years. Investing is never easy and what is easy is to loose money […]

Trend Following Stock Watch list 2.1.2016

I always look at the market first to determine if I should be invested or not. Currently I do not have a buy signal on the QQQ or SPY. We are below all the major averages…ie 50 day…and 200 day. However anything can happen when trend following and I do not want to have opinions. […]

TrendFollowing the Stock Market – Is the Bottom In? Weekend Review

With this weeks rebound is the coast clear to dive into bargain stocks? This has been the top topic and the truth is I do not make predictions. I have a hard set of rules that I follow. There are key moving averages that need to be overcome. We are still way below the 200 […]

Making a Simple System and Sticking To It

It is important to build a network of fellow traders. I have people all over the world I email and chat with. A friend of mine from London sent me this soundcloud file on Robert Carver. He knows him personally..

Robert Carver spends most of his book telling you that he is not a good […]