Trend trading is looked at as an outdated strategy – so the email says

I received this email today that Trend trading is looked at as an outdated strategy. He further continues and states that trend following…this outdated strategy that was followed by dinosaurs who were flushed out by the high powered HFT traders of the modern age. This kind of thinking is exactly why most traders fail to […]

The Power of Moving Averages When Trend Trading

Too many over look the power of moving averages. I use them as filters which mitigate the number of trades as well as details where I stand in the markets. I will never attempt to go long when the indices are below the 200 EXMA when trading stocks. When I look for retracement trades…want to […]

Kindle Trading Books Special $.99 Cents

I reduced my Kindle trading books this week to .99 cents. Time to stock up. Learn about Nicholas Darvis, Canslim, trend trading…All on Amazon for .99 cents…Just look under my name Andrew Abraham in Amazon.

World Class Trend Following Trading Results- How Easy It Wasn’t

Many times people just look at numbers and they do not fully grasp what is really entailed. They look at some compounded rate of return and get all excited. Sign me up. I am ready. They throw money chasing returns. However it would be prudent for them to have really questioned the commodity trading advisor […]

The reality of successful trend trading

The reality of successful trading comes down to several basic tenants ‎and the realization that you have to work hard.‎

‎1.‎ Robust Trading Plan applicable to all time frames & markets ‎2.‎ Complete Risk & Money Management ‎3.‎ The patience and discipline to follow the trading plan & follow the ‎risk & money management guidelines.‎


Investing with Gurus & Legends – Not the Way To Trend Trade

When I first started my journey with Trend Following I had a big learning curve. I wanted to know who was making money and being the 10 percent that were successful trend trading. One of my first conferences I went to featured Victor Niederhoffer as a ‎guest speaker. Niederhoffer was extremely successful and even ‎managed […]

Algorithmic Trading & Trade Systems

Too many are looking for that magic indicator or system. When one looks at the drop down box of indicators or systems on Metastock they see many to choose from. My idea is it is more important when trend trading is to use a simple robust indicator/setup such as a trend break out utilized by […]

Trading Tip for Trend Trading 3.8.12

Here is today’s Trading tip for trend trading for March 8 2012. The key of this video is to learn the investment strategy called Trend Trading. Trend Following is not easy and not for everyone. You need to manage the risks.It all breaks down to Patience and Discipline.

Risk Disclaimer

Trading futures and […]