Time to Go Long the Stock Market Again? Trend Following

We have had several nice up days…so all clear? Well, there were no breakouts today of leading stocks. The lack of buy able stocks is a cause for caution and I would take new position very carefully if at all, but this follow through looks a bit better. We are still below the 50 day […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 01202016 $QQQ $SPY $TNA

Things seem to be getting worse and worse …so what you do in the stock market now? Panic? Sell Everything? Actually you need to have a complete trend following plan. Firstly in the models I use, one should not be long at this point. However most corrections in the stock market( 75% of them) are […]

Snap Back Rally in the Stock Market – Trend Following

6 days in a row down and then poof. The bears started running. Yesterday was a snap back rally. The QQQ led the way higher with a gain of 2.28% while the SPY gained 1.91%. Volume was higher across the board, a sign that large institutional players were buying stocks. Market internals were strong and […]

TrendFollowing Concepts Institutional Investors Use

When we trendfollow stocks it is always a great idea to trade with the institutions. Institutions can only trade liquid stocks. Alot of stock trend following is common sense. All we have to do is read the newspapers and be aware. For instance, cyber security is always in the news. How many of you use […]

The Art of TrendFollowing

As much as we have rules when we trend follow, there is some aspect of “Art” when trend following stocks. I am referring to the selection of stocks when trend following. Yes we want certain fundamental aspects….and technical….but we can not buy everything….That is what this video is about… The Art of TrendFollowing


$AMBA $AVGO $NXPI Strongest Stocks in the Strongest Sectors

Learn how to improve your trend following of stocks… Buy the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors when the market is healthy!

Educational only. No stock recommendations…

I Made 50% Last Year Trend Following Stocks- Can Do Better!!!

Yesterday I had one of my one on one sessions with a gentleman and to my surprise in the middle of the session he told me he made 50% last year. My first reply was “Why do you need me”? He thought he can even do better with my help. I agree, I think he […]

Trend Following Stocks Facebook $FB and Las Vegas Sands $LVS 12.05.2013

Today I am speaking about facebook and las vegas sands from a trend following approach.

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