Best Trading Practices for Trend Followers

Best practices are those things that would contribute to your bottom line over a long period of time. These best practices are built on routines. I have the exact same routine every day for my trading. I am up at 5am down load my data and it is automatically entered into my trading platforms. Years […]

Difficult Period Even for Market Wizards- Comac Capital’s Colm O’Shea

Comac Capital’s founder Colm O”Shea was featured in Hedge Fund wizards by Schwager. The last several years has been tough for trend followers and even hedge fund Market Wizards.

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The UK firm’s decision to cut 1/3 of its staff is said to be part of a “strategic” plan to stop losing money.

London-based […]

Professional Traders Do Not Chase Returns

The easiest thing a laymen can do is chase returns. Chasing returns means investing in hedge fund managers or commodity trading advisors when they have a good run. Professional traders who understand compounding invest with other traders as well. What these professional traders do is buy draw downs and more importantly do their due diligence. […]

Some Trend Followers Score Big in May 2012

With the uncertainty in the markets and the issues in Europe some trend followers scored big in May of 2012. I have listed a short review of some Trend followers who have had a great run in 2012. I strongly suggest this would not be a time to invest with these commodity trading advisers. The […]

How to Invest in the Stock Market From a Trend Following Perspective

It is never really all that easy and many ask, How to invest in the Stock Market. I prefer the question How to invest in the Stock Market from a trend followers perspective with a plan. I use simple and robust trading plans that give me the potential to protect capital and benefit & compound […]

Reminder Today’s Free Webinar-Trading in Today’s Volatile Markets

The trading in today’s volatile markets is very difficult for many.

However there are many people following the trends in the markets right now and making lots of money!

These Trend Followers are short the Eurodollar and many other currencies.

There are stock traders short Apple Stock right now.

At the same time, far more […]

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Biggest Mistakes Traders Make & Learn How to Avoid Them

At least 90% or more of traders fail. There exists a small group of 10% of all traders who are consistent and succeed over time. Learn in this Free Webinar the Biggest mistakes […]

No Predictions for Trend Following

No predictions for Trend Following: Trends exist everywhere. You will find trends in currencies, stocks and commodities. However no one ever rings a bell when a trend starts or stops. Markets trend up and down. The reality however is that no one can predict a market trend ( even all the speakers on CNBC & […]

Trend Followers are not Lucky

I have heard pretty much it all. I have heard trend followers are lucky. I have heard during the inevitable drawdowns and tough periods trend following is dead. On both accounts this is simply not true. Successful Trend followers are consistent. They use a simple robust methodology that trades all markets the same, use extreme […]