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Trend Following the Stock Market Weekend Review $GDX $ELLI $MXL $QQQ

Been a very tough stock market for traders who are battling along with the bulls and bears. Fridays action was somewhat encouraging, albeit on lower volume. Lower volume does not show commitment rather a potential bear market rally. The market rallied due to jaw boning of crude cutbacks. Crude flew up and the stock market […]

Deutsche Bank Not a Trend To Follow If you are Long

I had a call yesterday of bottom fisher whose hands have been getting burned. He asked me what I thought about Deutsche Bank AG. I told him very simply, from a trend following perspective it was in a long down turn. Other than that, I do not have any opinion. He was exuberant as he […]

Andreas Clenow Trend Following Top Traders Unplugged

I want to share this the site. I truly enjoy listening…

“Never accept the old-style, blackbox explanation – always understand what is going on.” – Andreas Clenow (Tweet)

In our continued conversation with Andreas Clenow, we discuss the research and work that goes into making his trading model, how he deals with risk and drawdowns, […]

If We are in a Bull Market Why Are These Stocks Dropping like Rocks $LKND $LGF

If We are in a Bull Market Why Are These Stocks Dropping like Rocks


Oh…I forgot that we should be buy and hold investors….

This is why we always need a trading plan….

Will The Stock Market Crash -Trend Following Perspective

I had this question yesterday..Will The Stock Market Crash from a Trend Following Perspective?

I do not make predictions nor go on CNBC…My answer to the dismay of the caller was rather shocked. I told him I have no idea. That in order for one to be a successful Trend Follower, they need to check […]

Another Day in the Stock Market and Another Distribution Day in Choppy Trading $SPY $QQQ

Another Distribution day in the Nasdaq. This signifies further institutional selling. The sidelines look better than being in the stock market from a trend following stand point….We want to follow the trend. This is what trend followers do…

Always Learning to Be a Better Trend Follower

Most success stock and commodity traders truly enjoy trading the freedoms it gives. The fact however to get to the level of being a successful trader ,most experience pain and frustration. This pain and frustration is the learning process. We learn through painful experience, such as the hard knocks of trading.

Losses are tough. […]

Stock Market Selloff with a Gold Move Up From a Trend Following Perspective $SPY $GLD $GDXJ

The stock market sold off which is not surprising considering the back ground of rising interest rates, 7 distribution days on the SP 500 and 6 on the Nasdaq as well as 61.6% of all investment advisors are bullish. This bullishness is a 6 year high and we all know the masses always get it […]

Swing Trade & Trend Following Example of Momentum Stocks $RUTH

$RUTH is one of the stronger stocks in the stock market. Recently has pulled back after a break out trade. Learn how to trend follow and use retracment swing trades in this short video

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