Looking Risk Right in the Eye When Trading

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I am really appreciating what I am learning from you. Before I thought, “Wow, I just bought a stock and it is up 5% in a day, fantastic.” But now I see, “Wow, I am still at risk in that position if it doesn’t […]

Learning Trading Success Through Failure

It is commonly know that we learn more from our failures than from our successes. Yesterday I several one of my hourly trading consulting with various traders. What came up was learning from failure as well as keeping a trading journal. The concept of the trading journal is go back and see exactly why he […]

Are You This Type of Trader?

I have seen many traders and trend followers who devote a great deal of their time, energy, and financial resources to expressing themselves as traders. They learn a lot about trading and trend following. They know the names of all the great traders like Ed Seykota and Salem Abraham. They are great analysts. However they […]

Paul Tudor Jones – Most Important Part of Any Trade is the Risk

Too many investors worry about looking for that magical entry or magical indicator. Paul Tudor Jones stated that most important part of any trade is the risk. Without proper risk management a trader fails. Traders ( trend followers) need to focus on the money that they have at risk and how much capital is at […]

You Do Not Have to Put Trades on Every Day

There are times you just do not need to trade. Currently at least for me, I have very few positions. Sometimes one of the best things to do is Do Nothing! You need to have the possibilities on your side. It is not about seeking action or doing something. It is doing only something when […]

Proper Trading Mindset when Investing via Trend Following

A proper mindset is needed in order to succeed. When you trade for decades you learn that any trade does not mean anything. You learn you make your money over a long series of trades. There is no get rich quick or retirement in a box. One needs to work on how they think. There […]

Certainty and Predictability when Trading & Trend Following

I had this question posed to me if it were possible to predict results. Flat out answer is NO!. All we are dealing in is uncertainty. Once we accept the uncertainty and that there is no way to avoid losses you are on your way to start improving your trading.

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Stock Market Warning Signs

The question comes up often, when can I be in the stock market? I use a simple rule based on the 200 day Exponential moving average. If you are above the 200 EXMA you have a green light to be in the stock market & vice versa. However you get into periods in which from […]