Are You This Type of Trader?

I have seen many traders and trend followers who devote a great deal of their time, energy, and financial resources to expressing themselves as traders. They learn a lot about trading and trend following. They know the names of all the great traders like Ed Seykota and Salem Abraham. They are great analysts. However they […]

My Daily Trend Following Mantra to Build a Proper Mindset

Before trading in order to ensure my proper trading I have a mantra or a list of affirmations.

Please uses these affirmations and you will start to be on your journey of successful trading. Successful trading is more of a psychological game then learning a particular strategy or methodology. You learn about yourself. You […]

What Makes A Great Trader & Trend Follower?

There was a great article in CNBC I stumbled on called In Battle for Dominance, Traders Turn to Life Coaches. One such coach is Steve Goldstein. Both Goldstein and Ward said many of their clients were successful traders with 10 to 15 years experience who had lost their way and needed to regain self-confidence. From […]

The Mind of a Trading Winner – Trend Following Trading Psychology

As in sports, a winning attitude is a must. There are only milliseconds between gold medal winners and 4th place. The mind of trading winner is no different. A trading winner knows they have already won. All of those traders struggling to find the answer spend all of their time in the wrong pursuits. They […]

Trading Psychology -Relaxation Approach

I speak to many traders during my days. Most do not put the time into one of the most important issues of trend following and trading, developing a proper trading psychology. These traders are nervous, stressful and only time away from failure. Trading psychology has to be one of the most important issues for traders.


Trading Psychology Increases Profits Study Guide

The vast majority of traders do not have a plan. They just buy and sell on gut. They have no concept of how much to buy or sell. They do not know when to get out with a profit or exit with a loss! This all leads to frustration, pain and failure! Developing a trading […]

The Importance of Simple Robust Indicators such as Moving Averages

There are no magic indicators. One does not need to study technical analysis for decades before they trade. When Eckhardt and Dennis taught their turtle students. The whole course was 2 weeks. Mostly they taught them how to think. What is most interesting is all the different results these turtle traders had and have today. […]

Trading the Stock Market with Fear and Greed- Trading Psychology

Too many traders have fear and greed when they trade. These two attributes are two of the most important reasons that most traders fail. How to avoid fear? Not easy, but doable. You need to take responsibility for your trading. It is no ones fault ever. Never the broker or the market. The most successful […]

Proper Trading Mindset when Investing via Trend Following

A proper mindset is needed in order to succeed. When you trade for decades you learn that any trade does not mean anything. You learn you make your money over a long series of trades. There is no get rich quick or retirement in a box. One needs to work on how they think. There […]

Mastering Fear By Mastering Discipline When Trading

Mastering Fear By Mastering Discipline When Trading Join us for a Webinar on August 8

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Many traders deal with the emotional roller coaster of trading. They limit themselves by fear or greed. The key is to master discipline. Why do most people fail […]