Steven Cohen SAC 45% CAR Market Wizard

Most stock traders have heard of Steve Cohen, however even myself I was shocked to learn to had a CAR of 45%. These results are truly unique and really not heard of. Steven Cohen went to Wharton and since age 13 was interested in the stock market. He is quoted as stating that his economic […]

Confusing Winning and Losing Trades with Good and Bad Trades When Trend Following

I once heard Salem Abraham say “Don’t confuse Winning and Losing Trades with Good and Bad Trades When Trend Following.

First one needs to define a good trade and bad trade when trend following. The definition of a good trade or bad trade is simply following your trading plan and rules. A good trade can […]

Trading Psychology -Relaxation Approach

I speak to many traders during my days. Most do not put the time into one of the most important issues of trend following and trading, developing a proper trading psychology. These traders are nervous, stressful and only time away from failure. Trading psychology has to be one of the most important issues for traders.


Trading Robots, Trading Indicators and Trading Systems

People focus on the wrong issues. They seek out Trading robots, trading indicators and trading systems.

In order to trade successfully one must have a trading plan. They need to know exactly what to buy…or what to sell if they go short. They need to know how much to buy or sell. Trend following […]

Too Much News will Make you Poor!

Pick your poison. You are searching for the answers and how to make money. Where are you searching? Is it newspapers, magazines, newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds, TV channels, news feeds, or interviews? The reality is after being bombarded with an overload of information you do not have a trading plan or know how to make […]

Stock Market Melt Up Instead of a Stock Market Crash?

Successful traders and trend followers do not have an opinion. They believe that anything can happen. I am one of those agnostic traders. I am willing to go long as well as short. As far as the SP 500 there are reasons to have the belief contrary to any logic the market can rise instead […]

Rules for Trading Success-Have a Trading Plan

Having trading rules will definitely be rewarding over time.The discipline of having trading rules can help you reap huge profits. Follow these rules before you enter the stock market and re read the rules even when you leave with lots of money in your pocket or have lost money.

1. Follow your trading rules

Do […]