What is More Important Trading System Trading Indicators or Trading Psychology

Many new traders search for the holy grail of trading indicators and trading systems. There is no retirement in a box. Successful trading is found by combining a trading plan that matches your personality, risk management and most importantly trading psychology.

Why You Need to Have a Trading Plan $NQ

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Always know where a trade does not work….

When to Get Into a New Trend When Trend Following?

This is no magic system or indicator to tell you when there is a new trend. You have to know exactly what you are risking, have a trading plan and simply get in! New trends, start out of quiet trading ranges. No one rings a bell. No one knows the future. Trend breakouts are notoriously […]

Reasons for a Trading Plan when Trend Following

Trading is not defiantly not easy but it does not have to be as hard as many make it.

Ideas to improve your trend following

Trading Plan

Make sure you have a trading plan when you are ready to start trend following. Without a trading plan you are just guessing and putting yourself through […]

Reasons Are Irrelevant When Trend Following

Many beginning traders want to know why this move happened or that move happened. Actually Reasons Are Irrelevant! What is relevant is that you saw something familiar and executed your trade in the direction of the trend. This is what is important. Get out of the realm of trying to figure out the whys. They […]

Learn From Experience when Trend Following

You have a choice…you can learn from your own mistakes while trend following or you can learn from others. Preferably I chose the later. One of the best ways to learn while trend following is keep a trading journal.Write down what you learned about the market from the trade. This reinforces your rules and makes […]

Weathering the Learning Curve when Trend Following

Starting anything from the beginning is always hard. Trend following especially is no different. Weathering the learning curve of trend following leaves many new traders with unfilled expectations. These traders feel that they have done the work and the trade has to work. Well, with trend following regardless of analysis and plan any trade is […]

Successful Trend Following Process

My two step process for successful trend following boils really down to you…. 1.You need to develop a trading plan that

You can follow… You believe in… Address all possible outcomes and contingencies ahead of time!!!!

2. You follow your trading plan without any exceptions… No second guessing You do not try to avoid […]

If You Want to Succeed in Trading for Living & Trend Folloiwng you Need A Business Plan

I had a nice conversation with a young man in Chicago who purchased the home study course. We spoke about his trading and his one comment really stuck me. In order to succeed :” You need a business plan”. I have said this for ever and I was very happy to hear an aspiring trading […]

Trend Following & Trading for a Living Short 4 Step Process

Based on my experience, the most important advice I can share is “Have a Plan”. When you are buying or selling a stock or commodity or currency, know what does the trade need to look like. Think about what can go wrong. Any trade is 50/50. You can possibly avoid big mistakes this way. As […]