Al Pacino Pre-Game Speech Football or Trading for a Living?

Al Pacino really sums up Football and trading for a living. You decide. Great motivational piece I watch over and over!

Staying Detached While Trading for a Living

Experienced and surviving traders have the ability to stay detached or disconnected from trades that do work and trades that don’t. Contrarily new traders have trouble with this and have a hard time taking trading losses and accepting eventual draw downs. If you truly want to succeed in trading and be able to trade for […]

Trend Following & Trading for a Living Short 4 Step Process

Based on my experience, the most important advice I can share is “Have a Plan”. When you are buying or selling a stock or commodity or currency, know what does the trade need to look like. Think about what can go wrong. Any trade is 50/50. You can possibly avoid big mistakes this way. As […]

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Free Trend Following & Trading for a Living Webinar

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What exactly is trend following trading?‎ Learn Why Trend Following works Proof of Trend Following success for decades Concepts of Compounding Money ‎ PHD not need -However […]