Combining Technical and Fundamental Aspects to Improve Stock Trading $AKRX $QQQ $SPY

Stock trading success can be enhanced by combining both technical and fundamental aspects. In this educational example yesterday I purchased AKRX based on it’s profitability and technical breakout.

Watch this trend following video to learn more.

Most Hedge Funds Disappoint!

Most hedge funds disappoint! Actually most mutual funds disappoint as well. The next reality is that most traders lose money. That is why a trading plan is needed for both investing in mutual funds/hedge funds as well as in your own trading.

Robert Arnott, one of the nation’s most successful investment managers, just wrote a […]

Interview with Moe Ansari Radio Show on the Bible of Compounding of Money

I was recently interviewed with Moe Ansari’s Radio Show. We discussed my recent book The Bible of Compounding Money Listen here

Most Common Investors Mistakes – Hedge Fund Mistakes

Common Investor Mistakes One of the most typical mistakes that investor’s make is that they chase returns. They look at the “best money manager” who had a good run in a particular category and blindly invest with him/her. They do not understand the strategy or the risks. They simply look at returns quantitatively and neglect […]

The Bible of Compounding Money is Out on Amazon

My new book “The Bible of Compounding Money is out on Amazon…

I have read many, many books about economics and investments. What most investment advisors overlook is that, “One of the most important issues when investing is that it fits your personality and risk profile.” Andrew Abraham’s book contains many other great investment […]

The Bible of Compounding Money- The Complete Guide to Investing with World Class Money Managers

I have a new book I just finished. Most investors under perform. Most investors lose money in all types of bad investments. I am in the process of getting reviews for my new book and looking for a well known industry leader to write the forward.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance