Example of a Potential Shorting Opportunity of Tesla Stock $SPY $TSLA $QQQ

Lets face it…Tesla is a cool car…However from a stock standpoint now it is in a severe down trend. As a trend follower we want to follow the trend not our opinions. In this short video will discuss from an educational standpoint a conversation I had with one of my students regarding Tesla and a […]

Could Tesla be on a Buy $TSLA $SPY $QQQ

Tesla was one of the strongest stocks in 2013. The question is now a good time to buy Tesla. Bear in mind we are still in a correction until proven otherwise.

Trend Following & Trading Tips on Tesla $TSLA $AMBA $SPY

First of all, trend following is never easy! Second you never want to look for trading tips. You need to do your own work. Watch this short video in order to learn how to be a better trend follower.

Tesla Stock $TSLA Trend Following

Tesla Stock from a trend following perspective. No guessing …listening to what the market is telling us

$TSLA Tesla a Fallen Leader and a Sign of a Top?

Tesla is hovering around it’s 200 day moving average. This is the line of demarcation. A possible trade setup would be a retracement up to the 50 day exponential moving average to try a short. However you only want to trade in the direction of the general market. The current situation is very interesting. One […]