Investment Strategies To Trade The Stock Market with No Emotions & No Fundamentals

There is an investment strategy called trend following which can keep you on the right side of the market. This is today’s stock market trading tip. You have a choice when you are investing. You want to make money in the stock market? There were those who believed that the fundamentals of Netflix were strong. […]

How Not to Trade Stocks- Trading Tip

Today’s trading tip is how not to trade stocks. For you stock traders how many of you can’t wait to trade and jump the gun? You do not want to buy after 3 or 4 days in a row have gone up. You are increasing your risks and this is not a good approach for […]

Trading the News Is a One of the Most Dangerous Investment Strategies For Stock Traders

Anyone trying to trade news knows this has never been one of the successful Investment Strategies out there. These stock traders do not have a well thought out plan. They are at the mercy of the markets. They are virtually gambling.

The alternative is to have a systematic trading approach with a plan. Know […]

Trading Tip- Trading Gurus Geniuses and Legends are not the way to make money when Trend Following

There are always Gurus, Geniuses and Legends but they are not the ‎way to compound your way to wealth or to be used as an investment strategy. Today we seem to have more ‎gurus since the speed of information abounds. The sad part is that even ‎educated and intelligent investors follow gurus like a religion […]

Re Balancing your Portfolio When Trend Following

To often traders when they encounter markets that are not favorable they drop them to find the proverbial Holy Grail trending market. Stock traders as well as algorithmic traders seem to want to re balance once they get into a drawdown.These stock traders and algorithmic traders are trying to avoid the inevitable whipsaws and drawdowns. […]

Stocks To Watch -Learn How to Trend Follow

There are always stocks when you system trade. You need to follow an exact well thought out plan. Stock traders can go through a systematic trading approach as far as deciding which shares to trade. I identify the strongest and the weakest. I look to risk no more than 1% of my account size on […]

The Hardest Issue for Trend Traders & Stock Traders

What I have found is that one of the hardest issues for Stock ‎traders & Trend Traders is to have the patience to let the trade work. Once the trade starts ‎working or trending fear or greed kicks in and there is the urge to lock ‎in the short profit as a pose to letting […]

If Trend following Works so Well, Why aren’t more people doing it?

Why aren’t more people trend following? There is a simple reason. Trend following is hard and requires work. There are those who prefer to get tips. They think this is the way to compound money.

Most do not sell short. They think they can only trade from the long side

People feel safe with their […]

The reality of successful trend trading

The reality of successful trading comes down to several basic tenants ‎and the realization that you have to work hard.‎

‎1.‎ Robust Trading Plan applicable to all time frames & markets ‎2.‎ Complete Risk & Money Management ‎3.‎ The patience and discipline to follow the trading plan & follow the ‎risk & money management guidelines.‎


Bear Markets Learn How to Short Stocks

You can make both ways when you trend follow. You want to be long in a bull market and short in a bear market. There are tools and trading tips I teach you in order to know where you are located at any time. With the algorithmic trading methods you will have an exact plan […]