Trend Following Bank of America Stock -Trading Tip

On the below video you can learn how to trend follow bank of America Stock. Trend following $BAC is the tip of the day. In you will learn automated trading strategies that are simple and robust.You can learn to be a trend follower. The systematic trading you will learn is applicable to all stocks, […]

Why Do Traders Lack Discipline

Traders lack discipline for several emotional reasons. There is the fear ‎element, greed element and the ego element. These are all based on ‎human nature. We all should trade for one paramount issue, to build ‎an ever increasing equity curve, greed. Who would ever want to put on ‎a trade if they stood the distinct […]

Emini SP 500 Setup Trade

Today was a great example of a retracement trade in the SP 500. This trade exemplifies the common retracements we see over and over again when trading. Bear in mind because this trade worked, many will not work.

The goal of Trendfollowingmentor is that you will become a consistent trader over and over again. […]

The Most Important Stock Market Indicator

If you want to learn today’s trading tip watch the video The Most important Stock Market indicator. This simple indicator will keep you out of bear markets and gives you the potential to avoid stock market crashes like 2007-2008 and at the same time give you the ability to ride trends when the stock market […]

Automated Trading Systems

There are pros and cons of automated trading systems. The benefit by using mechanical trading systems is it can eliminate a large degree of emotional issues by eliminating the subjectivity made on trading decisions on a daily basis.You can formalize rules and actually test your investment strategies. However traders over optimize their algorithmic trading by […]

Trend Following with Robust Indicators such as Moving Averages

Trend Following and trading for a living is about learning to identify patterns and controlling your emotions. There are endless opportunities in the markets. Very few actually succeed trading. The reason is they are applying their energies in finding the “best” indicators and systems. The reality is that simple robust ideas like a moving average […]

Investment Strategies & trend followers need for a Winning Attitude

It is not the “Secret Sauce” indicators or systems. Just using common sense if algorithmic indicators could be the reason for success…everyone would be rich. We all know this is not the case. Most traders fail. This video on developing a winning attitude is one of the best trading tips you will find. No sugar […]

Learn How to Trade Bollinger Bands as an Investment Strategy

This short video discusses how to use Bollinger bands in order to system trade. Completely automated strategies are not the complete package. You need to know how much to buy or sell…which markets or stocks to buy or well as how to manage the risks when trading. Bollinger bands are an effective indicator for […]

The Fallacy of Systematic Trading – Trading Tip

Statistics reflect that 90% of traders lose money. This was true in the past and continues to be the case today. Even all the advances in technology have NOT increased the percentage of profitable traders. This is true whether we are talking day traders, short term traders and even long term traders.

There are numerous […]

Trading Tip – Trend Following and Using the MACD

Most traders and trend followers know about the MACD. The MACD is a powerful indicator to keep you on the right side of the market. However the MACD is just a component or part of my trading plan. The trading plan does not need to be complex rather robust that it can trade all markets […]