Stock Indexes Not Looking Overly Healthy

This is truly a stock pickers market. Yes there are examples like Sketchers…but most breakouts are failing. They start and simply turn around. Markets like this are very difficult for both bears and bulls. When a stock or an index rallies back above an important support level and can’t hold it that is negative and […]

Breaking Support On the Stock Indexes #SPY #QQQ

The NASDAQ finished lower by 1.12% while the SPX fell 1.07%. Both broke back below major support. This has been a hard market for both bulls and bears. I have been on the sidelines seeing if we could take out the prior highs with conviction….The last 4 sessions have been ugly to say the least.


The Difference of Making Money in the Stock Market & Gold Market #QQQ #GLD

I recently had a call from a very opinionated so called investor. He explained to me every reason that the stock market will crash and gold will go up to $5,000. He further explained what is happening now is only short term that he is losing money.

He clearly did not understand the concept […]

Why Complicate Your Trading in the Stock Market

It seems to be a very common theme I have when I teach and mentor. Many are looking for new indicators or methods. After their first shock on his simple my layout is they start to realize their mistakes.

The reason students look for these answers is they want to avoid losses. Can not happen. […]

How to Avoid Choppy Stock Market Periods

There is a simple answer on How to Avoid Choppy Stock Market Periods..You can’t!!! You have to keep on plugging away in the stock market….However using a combination of moving averages and % moves to the up and down you can stay on the right side of the stock market…


Is the Stock Market Rally Starting to Crack? $SPY $QQQ $QLD $BITA $CMCM

Five years plus depending if you look at 2009 or potentially 2011, this is an old bull market. I have heard repeatedly from investors we are now in a “New Secular Mega Bull Market”. I am so glad they know. I sure do not. I take it day by day with a complete trading plan. […]

Retail Investors in the Stock Market- Another Sign of a Top $SPY $QQQ

There are 2 groups in the stock market….Smart money and stupid money…Institutional money and retail investor money. Retail investors always get in at the top and sell at the bottom. Even though I am long and following my system I am cautious due to low volume rally we are experiencing as well as the bullishness […]

Market Downtrend in Stocks #SPY #DIA #QQQ

As always you need to have a trading plan. You do not want to say ” It is just a correction” or ” The Market can comeback”. We just never know the future. A correction can ramp up to a full bear market which can destroy both financially and emotionally. As stated in my earlier […]

Current Stock Market is a Very Difficult One to Be in $SPY $QQQ

There are always the buy and hold (pray) investors who seem to obvious to the internal breadth of the stock market. This current period even though we seem to be knocking new highs with ease, I personally feel the current stock market is a very difficult one to be in.

My rational is based […]

There Are Millions of Ways To Make Money in the Stock Market