Dangerous Signs on the Stock Indexes Trend Following #QQQ #SPY

The QQQ has joined the SPY below it’s 200 day moving average. The index closed near it’s intraday lows and has broken below it’s critical 50 day moving average support level. The relative strength line of the many of the leading stocks is starting to get hit. This is the first time the index has […]

Stock Market Triple Digit Moves to the Upside as well as the Downside $SPY $QQQ

Big Swings up and Big Swings down in the Stock Market. This volatility is very difficult for all types of traders. More so 8 Distribution days puts a very big damper on upside progress in the Stock Market.

Personally I am trading very cautiously….

Combining Technical and Fundamental Aspects to Improve Stock Trading $AKRX $QQQ $SPY

Stock trading success can be enhanced by combining both technical and fundamental aspects. In this educational example yesterday I purchased AKRX based on it’s profitability and technical breakout.

Watch this trend following video to learn more.

What do your Trading Rules Say How to Handle this Situation? #QQQ #SPY

I sent this email out to all of my students in which I mentor…I thought to share on my blog…Would like to hear feedback from my readers…

What do your rules say for this…

5 Distribution Days on both QQQ and SPY….

Yet a signal to purchase based on moving averages…& increase from the last […]

Strong Stocks in a Weak and Choppy Stock Market Period $ILMN $QQQ $SPY

There are stocks that can buck the trend in a choppy stock market period. Will it continue? I have no idea. The idea is to take small bets of your account size to see if trades will work. Be ready to have losses. There is no way to avoid them. You want to try to […]

Importance of Using Trailing Stops When Trend Following $BABA $QLD

In order to succeed when trading and trend following one truly needs to believe that anything can happen. Do not fall in love with your favorite stocks. Do not let them make a round trip. Use trailing stops and lock in profits while you can. Watch this example with BABA.


World Class Trend Following Trading Results- How Easy It Wasn’t

Many times people just look at numbers and they do not fully grasp what is really entailed. They look at some compounded rate of return and get all excited. Sign me up. I am ready. They throw money chasing returns. However it would be prudent for them to have really questioned the commodity trading advisor […]

Stock Market Trading -Warning Signs

As I am writing this the stock market is selling off to some degree. There have been warning signs flashing such as 5 year low on the VIX, extremely low volume, and a triple top.

Watch this video on stock market trading warnings.

We have a new updated Trading Psychology video on our home […]