Stocks Fall in High Volume 5 Distribution Days #HA #UVE#Trendfollowing

Rally or Bear Market fake out….Good question…No answer… Fact 1. We are below 200 day moving averag 2. Yesterdays action was in high volume 3. 5 Distribution days 4. Anything can happen 5. Have a plan 6. Trade nimbly in times like this ( at least I am)

However HA and UVE had nice […]

Stock Market Follow Through or Failed Rally #UVE #EPAM #FLTX #Trendfollowing

Had this question last night….Stock Market Follow Through or Failed Rally? My usual response…my crystal ball is not working…I just have to follow my rules. I do not like that the indexes are below both the 50 and 200 day exponential moving averages. More so, we chalked up another distribution day.

On the positive […]

The Fed Speaks and the Stock Market Rallies

You never want to fight the FED…but it is very interesting that they seem to want the stock market to go up. You never want to fight the FED but you surely need a trading plan in order to succeed in the markets.

Not an Impressive Stock Market Rally 7.9.2014 $SPY $QQQ

After the sell off of the last two days the stock market had a snap back day today. Over all it was not to impressive a move. This snap back rally was on low volume. Low volume means low conviction of institutional investors. Institutional investors are what make the moves in a bull market. If […]

Does the Janet Yellen Rally Stock Market Rally Have Legs?

Yesterday the stock market rallied on the words of Janet Yellen. However will this stock market rally continue?