If We are in a Bull Market Why Are These Stocks Dropping like Rocks $LKND $LGF

If We are in a Bull Market Why Are These Stocks Dropping like Rocks


Oh…I forgot that we should be buy and hold investors….

This is why we always need a trading plan….

Will The Stock Market Crash -Trend Following Perspective

I had this question yesterday..Will The Stock Market Crash from a Trend Following Perspective?

I do not make predictions nor go on CNBC…My answer to the dismay of the caller was rather shocked. I told him I have no idea. That in order for one to be a successful Trend Follower, they need to check […]

Trend Following Stock Markets Suffer a Distribution Day

After a follow through day as we had on Friday one would have thought the market would be starting to rebound. However in my weekend review I thought at best there would be a retest…Maybe we are setting ourselves up for that.

From a trend following standpoint, all the major averages opened lower and […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 01202016 $QQQ $SPY $TNA

Things seem to be getting worse and worse …so what you do in the stock market now? Panic? Sell Everything? Actually you need to have a complete trend following plan. Firstly in the models I use, one should not be long at this point. However most corrections in the stock market( 75% of them) are […]

How To Avoid Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression Free Trend Following Book

Considering the recent stock market action from a trend following perspective, I have decided to make my book How To Avoid Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression free on Kindle this week…

Short Term Bounce in the Stock Market? Trend Following

After an ugly week it is not unthinkable there might be a bounce. However I would not think now is the time to bottom fish or buy the dip. The trend is volatile and many world events very negative. The major averages sold off hard at the open and after a feeble rally attempt sold […]

Do You Have a Bear Market Trading Plan -Trend Following

2015 has been considered one of the worst years since 2009.Many have told me that it does not matter as they have already made money. However I truly doubt many if any at all got in early in 2009. Probably more like earliest entry into the stock market 2012…or even later….

My answer is I […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 12202015 $QQQ $SPY

One word sums up the stock market from a trend following perspective”UGLY”. It was not easy for bulls or bears…The QQQ closed below the 50 day EXMA and SPY closed below both the 50 EXMA and 200 EXMA. This is not healthy for a bull market. This bull market is almost turning 7 years old. […]

Bear Market on the Horizon? Monthly MACD Bearish Crossover- Trend Following

A picture speaks better than words. No need for CNBC…just the facts. As a technical analyst and trend following stock trader I look at various time frames. Simple indicators, I have found to more clear to use. Looking at past occurrences of a MACD crossover on a monthly chart…Bear Markets have started…Look at this monthly […]

Crash Filter Model for the Stock Market Trend Following

We all are afraid of a stock market crash. In my trading I look at moving averages. More so in 1999 I wrote an article about combining interest rates….breadth…sentiment and price action. Wanted to share another crash filter for the stock market 1. Look at the weekly close of the 10yr bond. If it is […]