Example of a Potential Shorting Opportunity of Tesla Stock $SPY $TSLA $QQQ

Lets face it…Tesla is a cool car…However from a stock standpoint now it is in a severe down trend. As a trend follower we want to follow the trend not our opinions. In this short video will discuss from an educational standpoint a conversation I had with one of my students regarding Tesla and a […]

Death Cross -Shorting Selling PriceLine $PCLN

Short selling is a tough way to trade. There is greater volatility on the short side of trading. You only want to short at the beginning of a Bear Market. In this short video you will learn about the death cross and ways to attempt to go short. Use this video to increase your education […]

How To Short Stocks Like a Market Wizard

One can go long as well as go short. There is not a one way street when we trade. In Market Wizards from Jack Schwager he spoke about Donna Glante.

Possible Indications:

High receivables (large outstanding billings for goods and services). Change of accountants. High turnover in chief financial officers. A company blaming short sellers […]

Stock Picks for Short Sale Stocks 4.30.12

These shares have bounced from 52 week lows. Relative strength is weak. Trend Retracement parameters are used

SWN Short Sale stock $29.66 Risk to $30.16

NEM Short Sale stock $47.51 Risk to $49.07

GNTX Short Sale stock $21.92 Risk to $22.67

BBG Short Sale stock $22.52 Risk to $23.87

EA Short Sale stock $15.15 Risk […]