Paul Tudor Jones Thoughts on the Current Markets & Trading

Paul Tudor Jones is a trading legend. He has been in the markets for decades. If you thought the current environment is tough, take solace. Paul Tudor Jones has recently been quoted regarding the current trading environment “As difficult as I’ve ever seen in my career“.

If you need help to navigate these unique and […]

Paul Tudor Jones’s Thoughts on The Challenging Markets We Are in Currently

Today at the Sohn Conference, Paul Tudor Jones said “Macro trading has probably been as difficult as I have ever seen it in my career.” He’s been in the business for almost 40 years.I always say it is never easy and actually prefer markets like the ones we are in as I am an eternal […]

Paul Tudor Jones’s Thoughts on Risk Management

“Risk control is the essence of my trading style and success. I never think what I might make on a given trade, but only what I could lose. I mentally mark each of my positions to market. No matter how large a profit I may have in a position, in my mind my entry price […]

Trend Following Legend Paul Tudor Jones 60 Minutes Interview- Must Watch

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the best traders ( Trend followers). He has been featured over the years as an industry leader. He maintains the necessary skills of PATIENCE, DISCIPLE & CONSISTENCY! He has produced positive returns for 25 straight years! He has succeeded for many reasons…however one that stands out is his ability […]

Trend Following Guru Paul Tudor Jones

One of the ideas I use quite often is following trend following gurus. Paul Tudor Jones is one long time trend follower. He is managing upwards of $3 billion dollars and has an outstanding record. As I have explained in my blog earlier, it is possible to follow and learn what money managers are holding […]

Paul Tudor Jones – Most Important Part of Any Trade is the Risk

Too many investors worry about looking for that magical entry or magical indicator. Paul Tudor Jones stated that most important part of any trade is the risk. Without proper risk management a trader fails. Traders ( trend followers) need to focus on the money that they have at risk and how much capital is at […]

Apple Stock Shares Implode

Today the Apple stock shares imploded. According to my systematic trading, the uptrend in apple stock shares has stopped. As per my systematic trading and trading plan one would have exited Apple stock shares at this point.

There are those that think this is a buying opportunity. Maybe they are right and the market will […]

Trend Following Stocks -An Investment Strategy to Compound Money Over Time

There are times you want to be in the stock market and then there are times you do not want to be invested. We have simple rules at There is no magic system or holy grail. There is a well thought out plan that is taught and can be replicated. You want to buy […]

Larry Hite-Trend Following Legend Who Respects the Risks

Larry Hite was featured in Market Wizards. Market Wizards is a must read for all trend followers. On one level you will learn various trading tips however on the other hand, do not be think that your trading will be so easy. Trend following as easy as it is, is very difficult.

Try to internalize […]

Market Wizard Paul Tudor Jones Trend Following Wisdom

Paul Tudor Jones was featured in Market Wizards and is one of the successful trend followers. In the Market Wizards book there are some interesting quotes & trading tips that are important for all stock traders & trend followers.

Quoting Paul Tudor Jones

“I become quicker and more defensive. I am always thinking about […]