Winning Strategies with Daily and Weekly Charts High Growth Stocks $QQQ $TSLA

Combining both weekly and daily charts when trading high growth stocks makes trend following much clearer. When looking at weekly charts various pattern recognition’s become evident. Watch this short video on high growth stocks to learn more on improving your trend following skills.

Pyramiding your way to Profits in the Stock Market via Trend Following

When you have conviction and the market is coming out of a Bear Market depending on your personality you might want to consider pyramiding your stock positions and increasing your potential profits via trend following and trend following breakouts… Watch this educational video to learn more….Remember trading is risky…you can lose money…It takes commitment and […]

How to Scale into High Growth Stocks $LNKD

Prudence can assist you when you get involved in high growth stocks such as Linkedin.

Watch this video on high growth stocks and see what can happen…