Why We Lose Money in Trend Following

Why We Lose Money in Trend Following […]

Legend of the Turtle Traders Jerry Parker Interview- Trend Following Legend

Legend of the Turtle Traders Jerry Parker Interview […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 01202016 $QQQ $SPY $TNA

Things seem to be getting worse and worse …so what you do in the stock market now? Panic? Sell Everything? Actually you need to have a complete trend following plan. Firstly in the models I use, one should not be long at this point. However most corrections in the stock market( 75% of them) are […]

Jerry Parker: How to Survive Markets the Rest of Your Life #TrendFollowing

I listened to Jerry Parker one of the original turtle traders’s podcast as I was driving in this morning. Jerry’s podcast gives a true picture how hard and challenging trendfollowing really is. Trend following is not a get rich quick rather Grind it out and try to Survive. I truly believe that trend following is […]

Stock Trading Profits Via Pyramiding with Metastock

Stock Trading Profits Via Pyramiding Join Andrew Abraham, author of the Bible of Trend Following in a one hour class designed to show you the benefits of pyramiding your stock trades.

In this one hour session, you will learn:

How To Positively add Positions that are showing profit without over leveraging.

Core Concepts of Trend […]

Resistance at the 200 Day Line #UVE #NKE #trendfollowing

Early bear market rally or just a simple correction in a much longer bull market? That has been the topic of conversation. The reality is we are still below the 200 Day moving average which is a negative. Some leading stocks have become to breakout such as UVE and NKE, however some sector leaders broke […]

How to Handle Winning Stocks Like Alibaba and Lannent $BABA $LCI Trend Following

Trading High growth stocks is really not that easy, especially when you have a stock that takes off. When stocks increase more than 20% in less than 3 weeks you might be onto a very big winner, but it is not easy. Watch this video and learn that you must have an exact trading plan. […]

Great Web site on Trend Following!!!

I received this compliment…

I’ve just recently started looking at your blog and your postings are most helpful indeed. What I found outstanding in your approach to trend following is the “trader psychology” advice that is so important here and now. Thank you you Sir.


I am very glad I can help those in […]

The Holy Grail of Trend Following Stocks – Keep Losses Small $BABA $GPRO $ULTA

There really is no holy grail in trading or trend following other than keeping losses small. One must be disciplined and patient when trading. In this video I discuss the stock market, leading growth stocks and share trading tips that have taken me decades to learn… let me know what you think!!


Thank you for your Trend Following Work

I received a very nice email this morning and thought to share it….

Happy New Year, I began trading 4 years ago,studied at a day trading school a few workshop, and i travelled to some seminar across the U.S.A.with Steve Nison and some option specialist (supposed to be), not very successful yet but not that […]