Metastock Webinar Contrarian Trend Following Break Out Patterns

Would like to invite you to a Free Webinar I am giving on Contrarian Trend Following Break Out Patterns

Stock Trading Profits Via Pyramiding with Metastock

Stock Trading Profits Via Pyramiding Join Andrew Abraham, author of the Bible of Trend Following in a one hour class designed to show you the benefits of pyramiding your stock trades.

In this one hour session, you will learn:

How To Positively add Positions that are showing profit without over leveraging.

Core Concepts of Trend […]

Setting up Your Trading Screen with Trend following Indicators

I strongly believe less is more when it comes to setting up your trading screen with trend following indicators. I do not have very much on my screen as you see in this trend following video.

Exponential moving averages-Metastock Experts and volume trading indicators. That is it…

Less is more with trend following indicators.


How Many Stocks Should I Follow When Trend Following

First of all everyone has an opinion however I am of the school less is more. I look to follow the strongest stocks both technically and fundamentally when the market is healthy. I have a short manageable watch list built into metastock.

Learn more…

There is a Best Time to Buy Stocks- After a Stock Market Correction

Yes one can time the market. Yes there is an optimal time to buy stocks. No, there is no way to avoid losses. Yes you must try to keep losses small. Yes anything can happen in the stock market. Yes you must study and learn from your mistakes. Yes you will make them. Yes you […]

Avoiding the Next Bear Market Metastock Trading Presentation with Andrew Abraham

I welcome you to watch this metastock trading presentation regarding when to be in the stock market. I offer a free book The Bible of Compounding Money as well as the trading algorithms I use when investing in the stock market.

Home Run Stock Trading with Metastock Andrew Abraham

Last night I did a webinar with Metastock regarding how to build a portfolio. Enjoy…

Home Run Stock Trading with Metastock Andrew Abraham

MetaStock offers from TrendFollowingMentor

I have been using Metastock since 1994. I invite you to trial their services. More so I can send you for free my proprietary indicators…

Metastock Offers

Finally, if you are not currently a MetaStock customer, I recommend that you take advantage of one of these extraordinary MetaStock offers from TrendFollowingMentor.

3-Month Subscription for the […]

Nasdaq Selloff How Bad Can it Really Get $QQQ $SPY $GLOG $UA $ALGN $JAZZ

I had a conversation with a Value Hedge fund yesterday. I thought to share their thoughts. They thought I was being too paranoid regarding the sell off. They felt this gave them an opportunity to buy more shares cheaply. We agreed to disagree.

My point is simply that the market can easily sell off […]

Metastock Trend Following and Trend Retracement For Forex and Stocks

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