Marty Schwartz Jack Schwager’s “Market Wizards” Discussion in Amherst

Great Motivational talk by Marty Schwartz “Pitbull”.

Very inspirational….

Realities of Turtle Trading -You Possibly Can Become a Market Wizard ( Trend Following Mentor)

Look for the kindle ebook on Turtle trading

Past Performance is not indicative of future performance

Steven Cohen SAC 45% CAR Market Wizard

Most stock traders have heard of Steve Cohen, however even myself I was shocked to learn to had a CAR of 45%. These results are truly unique and really not heard of. Steven Cohen went to Wharton and since age 13 was interested in the stock market. He is quoted as stating that his economic […]

Learning How To Trade

The great Market Wizard Ed Sekoyta famously said that “everybody gets what they want out of the ‎markets”. All traders should examine their own motivations in order to determine why they are ‎trading in the first place. While it seems obvious to say “to make money”, that simply is NOT the result ‎most people are […]