TrendFollowing Watch List For Leading Stocks $FB $PANW $AMZN

We still seem to be in a correction. No one knows when we will have a recovery or if the recent lows will be tested. Regardless of all of this. Every weekend I prepare a watch list of the strongest stocks in my personal opinion. This is not a recommendation nor simply a buy list. […]

Leading Stocks However the Strength of the Stock Market is Questionable

Educational only! You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

The Market is not overly strong. Actually there are 5 distribution days on both the QQQ and SPY. The question is will the market over come this weakness….Take this into account the age of the stock market 6 years +. This is not overly favorable. […]

Current Leading Stocks in the Stock Market $MNST $EMES $JMEI

My goal is to buy the strongest stock in the strongest sectors when the market is deemed healthy and on a buy.

Firstly the stock market is back in an uptrend currently ( however this can change very quickly)

MNST Monster Beverage Corp EMES Emerge Energy Services LP Commo JMEI Jumei International Holding Ltd OTEX […]

Leading Stocks – Strongest Stocks on a Relative Strength Basis $WYNN $URI $GLOG $ARRS $SPY $QQQ $THRM

Below are the strongest stocks based on a relative strength basis. I am not in the market. My goal is to be in the strongest stocks, in the strongest sectors when the market is healthy. According to my models the market is still weak until proven otherwise. None of these are personal recommendations or suggestions. […]

Leading Stocks 1.30.13 Trend Following $CELG $SODA $FMX $STK $WDC $QIHU $DDD $DNKN

Stock market wrap up from a trend following perspective.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance