Avoiding Devastating Trading Losses

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Hi Andrew,

Hope you’re doing well. Saw your post on losing trades. Maybe you could spin that answer into something more positive. For instance, using simple rules to determine when to be in/be out of markets, you can prevent devastating losing trades. You will have small losing […]

Eliminating the Risk of Ruin When Trend Following

By risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade. Keeping your risk small and constant is absolutely critical.” Larry Hite.

This is Larry Hite’s suggestion. I suggest even less. Think in terms of the next thousand trades. Thinking in this manner will help you to be indifferent to inevitable trading loses.

Most traders […]

Famous Quotes from Larry Hite – Trend Following Legend

Larry Hite is a famous Trend follower. Lawrence Hite co-founded Mint Investments in 1981. By 1990, Mint had become the largest Commodity Trading Advisor in the world in terms of assets under management.

I suggest strongly you enter the ideas below into your trading psyche.

No matter what information you have, no matter what […]

Learn How to Trade Stocks via Trend Following perspectives

I think some stock traders have a difficult time on the concept of “Learn How to trade Stocks”. These stock traders have an issue dealing with uncertainty because they basically think they are right, and are afraid of being wrong. They search for the ” Best Stocks” as well as Holy Grail indicators. After all, […]

Apple Stock Shares Implode

Today the Apple stock shares imploded. According to my systematic trading, the uptrend in apple stock shares has stopped. As per my systematic trading and trading plan one would have exited Apple stock shares at this point.

There are those that think this is a buying opportunity. Maybe they are right and the market will […]

Trend Following Stocks -An Investment Strategy to Compound Money Over Time

There are times you want to be in the stock market and then there are times you do not want to be invested. We have simple rules at There is no magic system or holy grail. There is a well thought out plan that is taught and can be replicated. You want to buy […]

Larry Hite-Trend Following Legend Who Respects the Risks

Larry Hite was featured in Market Wizards. Market Wizards is a must read for all trend followers. On one level you will learn various trading tips however on the other hand, do not be think that your trading will be so easy. Trend following as easy as it is, is very difficult.

Try to internalize […]