Why You Need Rules When Trend Following #UVE

As I always say, trading and trend following is risky. There is no free lunch. There is always risks. That is why one needs trading rules for entries…exits…when to take a loss and when to take a profit. In this short video you will see three examples of when to exited the Stock UVE.


Have Your Watch List Ready For a Stock Market Rally $MBLY

Just because we fell several hundred points today, there is no need to buy out the scotch. If you have a plan you should have been in cash as myself and my students have been. Now is the time to prepare. Most profits are made after severe sell offs.

I am readying my watch […]

Canslim and High Growth Stock Investing does Not Work Anymore!!!

Firstly Canslim is a registered trademark of Secondly this is not my statement rather it came up in one of my telephone sessions last weekend with an investor keen on improving his stock trading. I told this student that I will agree to disagree about Canslim. Personally I am an avid fan of Bill […]