Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 12202015 $QQQ $SPY

One word sums up the stock market from a trend following perspective”UGLY”. It was not easy for bulls or bears…The QQQ closed below the 50 day EXMA and SPY closed below both the 50 EXMA and 200 EXMA. This is not healthy for a bull market. This bull market is almost turning 7 years old. […]

Have Your Watch List Ready For a Stock Market Rally $MBLY

Just because we fell several hundred points today, there is no need to buy out the scotch. If you have a plan you should have been in cash as myself and my students have been. Now is the time to prepare. Most profits are made after severe sell offs.

I am readying my watch […]

Most Stocks Down 2.39% Less Leading Stocks

Sure the market is healthy! Why are you worried…That was a call I had yesterday…However now we have 10 Distribution when in the past 6 were enough to tip the market. More so the Nasdaq is now well below it’s 50 day moving average and the SPY is sitting on it’s 200 day moving average. […]

Stock Market Follow Through Day? $FIT $FB $PANW

I am far from being any stock market guru…however yesterday looked somewhat like a follow through day. The Nasdaq had a gain of 1.26% while the SPX was up only .80%. It is interesting how the panic over Greece seems to be pleasantly forgotten…As well as the Chinese Bear market.

New Highs…New leading stocks…the […]

Reversals and Failures in Leading High Growth Stocks $TWTR $ATHM $AAPL $QQQ

Many of the leading stocks and high growth stocks from a trend following perspective are failing. I look to combine both technical and fundamental aspects to identify leading stocks and high growth stocks….We currently have 7 Distribution days which is not healthy and now many leaders failing!

Could this be the beginning of the eventual […]

Definition of a Distribution Day in the Stock Market

I have been asked by many of my students the definition of a Distribution day in the Stock market. A Distribution day is a decline of at least 0.2% in higher volume. This signifies that the Institutional Big investors are “distributing” shares or in other words liquidating their positions. When we have more than 4 […]

Trend Following for Value Investing as well High Growth Stock Investing

Trend following can be used for value stock investing as well as high growth stock investing. However in both cases it is imperative to know where you are in the stock market.

Watch this video to learn more…

How to Handle Winning Stocks Like Alibaba and Lannent $BABA $LCI Trend Following

Trading High growth stocks is really not that easy, especially when you have a stock that takes off. When stocks increase more than 20% in less than 3 weeks you might be onto a very big winner, but it is not easy. Watch this video and learn that you must have an exact trading plan. […]

Current Leading Stocks $MBLY $BABA $PANW $FB Trend Following Stocks

When the market is healthy one should look at the strongest stocks. I have a simple yet effective trading plan which tells me if I can go long. This strategy is based on moving averages.

Current leading stocks..

Mobileye N.V. MBLY Gilead Sciences Inc GILD Gopro Inc Cl A GPRO Facebook Inc Cl A FB […]

Current Stock Market is a Very Difficult One to Be in $SPY $QQQ

There are always the buy and hold (pray) investors who seem to obvious to the internal breadth of the stock market. This current period even though we seem to be knocking new highs with ease, I personally feel the current stock market is a very difficult one to be in.

My rational is based […]