Setting up Your Trading Screen with Trend following Indicators

I strongly believe less is more when it comes to setting up your trading screen with trend following indicators. I do not have very much on my screen as you see in this trend following video.

Exponential moving averages-Metastock Experts and volume trading indicators. That is it…

Less is more with trend following indicators.


Weekend Stock Review $CYBR $TWTR $QQQ $SPY

The stock market sold off very hard on Friday..or in more descriptive terms…

The market really got creamed!!!

The SP 500 is now back below the 50 day moving average while the QQQ is slightly above. Due to large volume another distribution day was added. No one knows if the sell off will continue or […]

High Growth Stocks Ranked $TSO $CRTO $AKRX $QQQ

I always try to buy the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors when the market is healthy. Well the market’s health is questionable to weak. We have a confluence of Distribution days, many leaders are not holding their break out gains yet we are at new highs. So what does one do….keep on trying. We […]

Winning Strategies with Daily and Weekly Charts High Growth Stocks $QQQ $TSLA

Combining both weekly and daily charts when trading high growth stocks makes trend following much clearer. When looking at weekly charts various pattern recognition’s become evident. Watch this short video on high growth stocks to learn more on improving your trend following skills.

Leading Stocks However the Strength of the Stock Market is Questionable

Educational only! You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

The Market is not overly strong. Actually there are 5 distribution days on both the QQQ and SPY. The question is will the market over come this weakness….Take this into account the age of the stock market 6 years +. This is not overly favorable. […]

Pyramiding your way to Profits in the Stock Market via Trend Following

When you have conviction and the market is coming out of a Bear Market depending on your personality you might want to consider pyramiding your stock positions and increasing your potential profits via trend following and trend following breakouts… Watch this educational video to learn more….Remember trading is risky…you can lose money…It takes commitment and […]

Strongest Stocks Strongest Sectors Watch List- Trend Following High Growth Stocks

Below are a list of some of the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors. This is not a shopping list or a buy list just an educational list of stocks that have shown recent strength. Do your own research however learn from these stocks…However anything will and can happen. Trade with a complete trading plan. […]

Triple Digit Earning Growth Trend Following Stock Market Leaders $SPY $QQQ $LCI

Trend following is never easy. It is not making millions in up markets and in down markets. It takes alot of work and determination ( which most do not have). Companies that are very profitable can potentially generate some big stock moves. Watch this educational video on how I approach the stock market and my […]

Stock Market Bulls Knock out Stock Market Bears

Some are calling for a resumption of the uptrend. My stock market model still has been out….but on the verge of entering. In this video you will learn about my ready list. I am not taking full positions as well as I have buy stops in place for the breakout. This is solely for education […]

Combining Technical and Fundamental Ideas to Find Winning Stocks $QQQ $LOCK

To succeed potentially in stocks one should combine both technical and fundamental ideas with trend following.