Deflation On the Horizon?

Anyone who is in the stock market knows how hard this year has been. Bears are getting chopped up as well as Bulls. Maybe not the buy and holders but their day might come in the case of a severe stock market crash. As I trade stocks and mostly commodities I have not seen a […]

The Nikkei drop by 7.3% and Historical Market Crashes

Yesterday’s Nikkei drop by 7.3% wrecked havoc for many stock markets around the world as well as trend followers portfolios got whacked. Positive trends in the US dollar $DXY and negative trends in Yen and Swiss Franc were abruptly halted. This is trend following and that is why you need a complete plan. It seems […]

Marc Faber Does Not Trust the USA for Depositing Gold

Marc Faber likes gold and is buying more. Faber keeps on adding to his position monthly however he refuses to leave gold in the USA. He tells the story how in 1933 gold was confiscated by the US Govt in the Great Depression…He only wants physical gold, not the EFT GLD.


Bear Markets and 200 Day Moving Average- Avoiding A Stock Market Crash!

Every dramatic Bear Market & stock market crash, over the past century, has occurred when the stock index was under its 200-day moving average. The potential for profits on the long side are greatly diminished when the stock market indexes are below the 200 day moving average. The so called value investors will see ,cheap […]

Avoiding Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression Study Guide

Avoiding Bear Markets & The Next Great Depression is a short concise study guide that will help you in protecting your trading account in the next upcoming Bear Market. Trend following mentor is offering these powerful study guides on a range of topics that are important to traders. There are upcoming reports on Psychology, multiple […]

Raoul Pal Great Depression End Game Thoughts

Raoul Pal is not your regular fear and doom monger. Raoul Pal was previously co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund and is also a Goldman Sachs alumina. He expects a series of sovereign defaults which will lead to”biggest banking crisis in world history. He might not be that far out. Currently the Greek Stock market […]

Quotes Before the Great Depression

You have a choice. You can listen to the media and leaders or you can take your own destiny when you trade with a plan. Your trading plan needs to have risk management and money management. Investors who did not have a plan were sheep to slaughter.

Do you have a trading plan?

Do […]