Could Gold and Gold Stocks be Poised for a Trend Breakout? $GLD $GDXJ- Trend Following Perspective

Gold has been a big loser this year. However a short time ago many traders thought gold was going to 2,000 at least and possibly $5,000. Could gold be a surprise this year to the upside? Trend Followers know anything can happen and every thing is possible…

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of […]

Newmont Mining – Investing in Gold Mining Stocks

Investors believe that gold stocks are safe. The truth is that investing in gold mining stocks is as risky as any other trade. There are bull markets and bear markets in these gold mining stocks.

Currently Newmont mining stock looks like it might take off soon. Simply investing in gold mining stocks are not the […]

Gold Stocks A Safe Investment or Safe Haven?

There are gold bugs and then there are trend followers. The question has come up to me often if gold stocks are a safe investment? It is almost a difficult question for me since currently I am short Newmont mining. Many have thought gold stocks were a safe haven. In my opinion, nothing is safe. […]