Trend Following the Stock Market Weekend Review $GLD $SPY $AMZN $FB

It was a very ugly session on Friday. Closed almost on the intraday lows. Volume was slightly higher than average. It might seem we are in the late stages of a Bull market or early stages of a Bear market. The “FANG” stocks are not holding up well and failing with breakout attempts. Some of […]

Cut Out the Noise & Look at the Big Picture Trend Following

There is so much noise. We need to simplify things. One of things I suggest is look at a weekly or a monthly chart. You will see exactly where you are at.

SPY- Stock Market Bullish

GLD -Gold Market Bearish


Gold Rally Since July 2011 $GDXJ $GLD

Gold has been rallying. The question is after last years debacle…will gold come around. You do not have to know the future in order to make money in gold. You do need to have a trading plan and be willing to take trades and even lose money.

Marc Faber Does Not Trust the USA for Depositing Gold

Marc Faber likes gold and is buying more. Faber keeps on adding to his position monthly however he refuses to leave gold in the USA. He tells the story how in 1933 gold was confiscated by the US Govt in the Great Depression…He only wants physical gold, not the EFT GLD.