Stock Market Roller Coaster #SPY #QQQ

Today was another fun day at the amusement park; especially the wild ride of the Stock Market roller coaster…Even with today‚Äôs action the major averages are still below the highs of the reaction rally after the sell off. Leading stocks were up strongly as would have been expected. I want to reiterate I am not […]

Stock Market Follow Through Day? $FIT $FB $PANW

I am far from being any stock market guru…however yesterday looked somewhat like a follow through day. The Nasdaq had a gain of 1.26% while the SPX was up only .80%. It is interesting how the panic over Greece seems to be pleasantly forgotten…As well as the Chinese Bear market.

New Highs…New leading stocks…the […]

Leading Stocks with Potentially New Follow Through Day $AVGO $FB $NXPI $ULTA $LEN

The basic premise of my education is to buy the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors when the market is healthy. The question of healthy is some what iffy. We have had 5 strong days down….2 strong days up…which some have called a follow through day…yet on Friday the first day of a recovery or […]