How to Avoid Choppy Stock Market Periods

There is a simple answer on How to Avoid Choppy Stock Market Periods..You can’t!!! You have to keep on plugging away in the stock market….However using a combination of moving averages and % moves to the up and down you can stay on the right side of the stock market…


Apple Stock Shares Implode

Today the Apple stock shares imploded. According to my systematic trading, the uptrend in apple stock shares has stopped. As per my systematic trading and trading plan one would have exited Apple stock shares at this point.

There are those that think this is a buying opportunity. Maybe they are right and the market will […]

Trend Following Stocks -An Investment Strategy to Compound Money Over Time

There are times you want to be in the stock market and then there are times you do not want to be invested. We have simple rules at There is no magic system or holy grail. There is a well thought out plan that is taught and can be replicated. You want to buy […]