TrendFollowing- The Bear Story Stock Market is Becoming More Relevant

Yesterday was an UGLY day in the stock market. However I can confirm that most of my clients are on the sidelines of the stock market. They have learned how to read the market and are simply trend following. They realize this market can do anything. They are positioned to be buyers once again….or simply […]

Death Cross -Shorting Selling PriceLine $PCLN

Short selling is a tough way to trade. There is greater volatility on the short side of trading. You only want to short at the beginning of a Bear Market. In this short video you will learn about the death cross and ways to attempt to go short. Use this video to increase your education […]

Stock Market Warning Signs

The question comes up often, when can I be in the stock market? I use a simple rule based on the 200 day Exponential moving average. If you are above the 200 EXMA you have a green light to be in the stock market & vice versa. However you get into periods in which from […]