Paying your Dues when Trading

Paying your Dues when Trading

How many of thought upon reading Market Wizards, I can do this? Probably most! The sad fact is that more than 90% of all traders fail. Fail means blowing up an account. Losing all of their money.

It is not just us mortal traders. It is PHDs and Noble […]

Should One Buy The ETF $USO – It is a Bargain?

I have had numerous conversations with traders that want to do the proverbial buy cheap and sell high. This is not trend following. Trend followers buy high and sell higher…or sell low and cover lower…

Crude oil ETF is a fine example of how to trend follow for educational purposes…

Watch this educational video to […]

Yes You Can Really Make $1,000,000 Trend Following (Quote From Market Wizards)

Michael Marcus told Bruce Kovner that it was really possible to make a $1,000,000 trading.Both Michael Marcus and Bruce Kovner are Trend Followers. Michael Marcus returned 2,500% and Bruce Kovner is on the Fortune richest people list. However, do not think that trend following is easy. Most people lose money. More than 90% of traders […]

World Class Trend Following Trading Results- How Easy It Wasn’t

Many times people just look at numbers and they do not fully grasp what is really entailed. They look at some compounded rate of return and get all excited. Sign me up. I am ready. They throw money chasing returns. However it would be prudent for them to have really questioned the commodity trading advisor […]

The Psychology of Winning -Emerging Manager Forum London June 2012 Commodity Trading Adviser

I recently presented at the London Emerging Managers Conference. I have posted the live presentation. My focus of the discussion was the Psychology of Winning and the power of compounding of money over long periods of time while investing in CTAs. I invite you to review the discussion as well as I have attached the […]

Three Step Process of Successful Stock Trading & Commodity Trading

Trading is a 3 step process………

1)Ability to identify an opportunity

2)Ability to flawlessly execute each of those opporuntities

3)Following steps one and two… should enable you to be able to accumulate money over time.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. The risk of loss in trading futures contracts, commodity […]

Stock and Commodities- Learn to Trade

To begin, before one tries to learn to trade. They need a hard look in the mirror. How to learn to trade for many is probably one of the hardest things to do. The reality is that most new traders fail. Something like 90%+. Not to make it too simplistic, in order to learn to […]