Commodity Trading Advisors Indexes – A Way to Gage Entries Into Trend Following? runs a site that lists CTA performance.Thought to share with my readers. Great way to get an idea on the challenges of trend following. The last three years have been the most challenging. Actually this is the worst period in the existence of the data.

Past Performance is Not Indicative […]

Professional Traders Do Not Chase Returns

The easiest thing a laymen can do is chase returns. Chasing returns means investing in hedge fund managers or commodity trading advisors when they have a good run. Professional traders who understand compounding invest with other traders as well. What these professional traders do is buy draw downs and more importantly do their due diligence. […]

Commodity Trading Advisor Conference CTA EXPO Chicago

I recently made a presentation in Chicago at the CTA Expo. The CTA Expo is a format for commodity trading advisors to present to institutional investors as well as high net worth investors. There were approximately 30 commodity trading advisors presenting at the CTA EXPO. The CTA Expo has events quarterly around the world. The […]