Is the Tide of the Stock Market Turning Bearish? $SPY $QQQ

It can be easily said that Friday’s action was simply ugly. This leaves one to question if a long over due correction could be at hand. I want to clarify I am not a bull nor a bear. I simply read the market action every day. The stock market opened lower and it just kept […]

Losing Money Even when the Money Manager or Commodity Trading Advisor Is Profitable?

What, how can that be? You are telling me it is possible to lose money even with a manager who over long periods is profitable?


I have seen it time and time again in my career now spanning close to 19 years. First of all trading is tough. There are no gurus or […]

Buying Commodity Trading Advisors on Sale

I received this article over the weekend and thought to share with my readers. Currently we are going through one of those periods that is challenging for trend followers and commodity trading advisors. Read this post from 15 years. As much as past performance is not indicative of future performance…this article is very interesting…

When […]

Margin of Safety with Trend Following?

There are no perfects with trend following. The only certainty is uncertainty. What I have found over the last 18 years as a way to give myself a “slight” margin of safety is to buy draw downs of commodity trading advisors who have been around for at least 10 years. As much as I have […]

Example of Compounding of Money Over the Decades From the CTA EXPO Mark J Walsh Company

If I told you a story( a real story) of a company that started in 1985 with lets say if you invested $100,000 would you believe that same $100,000 is worth in excess of $15 million dollars?

The story is of Mark J Walsh Company. However it was not an easy ride to compound $100,000 […]

Commodity Trading Advisor Conference CTA EXPO Chicago

I recently made a presentation in Chicago at the CTA Expo. The CTA Expo is a format for commodity trading advisors to present to institutional investors as well as high net worth investors. There were approximately 30 commodity trading advisors presenting at the CTA EXPO. The CTA Expo has events quarterly around the world. The […]

Trend Following & Trading of Commodities

I want to share a fascinating conversation I had with a colleague who has been in the field since 2002. He started working in trading of commodities in Asia with a trend following firm who at that time was managing approximately $100 million dollars. Due to a combination of some good years trading in commodities […]

Succeeding in the Commodities Markets like David Harding From Winton Capital Management

David Harding, Winton Capital founder, chairman & head of research has more that succeeded in the commodities markets. David Harding started his firm in 1997 with slightly less than $2 million dollars. Today Winton Capital is managing in excess of $20 Billion dollars in the commodities markets. Winton Capital to some degree is a trend […]