Your Worst Draw down is Always Ahead of You Even if You Are a Professional Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA)

I have said countless times that you must manage the risks in order if you want to stay in this game for the rest of your life. You want to stay in this game of trend following because if you have the patience and discipline you let the extreme power of compounding of money occur. […]

No Magic System or Guru Commodity Trading Adviser with Trend Following

There are those that foolishly believe their money is safe with a very large commodity trading adviser. The reality is that anything can and will happen. Bloomberg ran an article regarding Winton stating “Quants Post Worst Month Since October as Winton Slumps 3.2%”. This is the reality with trend following. It is not retirement in […]

The Psychology of Winning -Emerging Manager Forum London June 2012 Commodity Trading Adviser

I recently presented at the London Emerging Managers Conference. I have posted the live presentation. My focus of the discussion was the Psychology of Winning and the power of compounding of money over long periods of time while investing in CTAs. I invite you to review the discussion as well as I have attached the […]