Singapore Will Replace Switzerland as Wealth Capital

From CNBC Thanks in part to its generous tax regime, Singapore has been a millionaire haven for years. But a new report says the tiny island state may soon overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest offshore wealth hub.

The report, by WealthInsight, a London-based research firm, says Singapore is the fastest growing wealth center in […]

All Smiles on CNBC & Bloomberg with New Highs $SPY….. BUT….

Big But …we hit new highs yesterday…however there are very apparent divergences which delineate internal weakness underlying in the market. Even with that said…I follow my plan and went long several stocks that buy signals were met.

Take this into consideration….Since we were at the last highs on the Stock Market in 2007 and ask […]

Signaling a Top in the Stock Market 2.11.2007 ( Trend Following Mentor)

A client sent me an interesting piece he saw. There was a CNBC piece on Kudlow and company 6 years ago how wonderful the stock market is… that Bears are wrong and there is no problems with the real estate housing market.

Well in order to be a successful investor you need not to have […]

Succeeding in the Commodities Markets like David Harding From Winton Capital Management

David Harding, Winton Capital founder, chairman & head of research has more that succeeded in the commodities markets. David Harding started his firm in 1997 with slightly less than $2 million dollars. Today Winton Capital is managing in excess of $20 Billion dollars in the commodities markets. Winton Capital to some degree is a trend […]