Cup and Handle Formation Canslim Trend Following MBLY

Cup and Handle Formation Canslim Trend Following MBLY […]

Trend Following Learning From Stock Market Big Winners $QQQ $SPY $GMCR

Trend following stocks is always staying on top of your game. You need to read. You need to be aware and mostly you need to constantly learn. I take the holiday periods to look at trades I took and ones that I did not take in order to become a better stock trend follower. One […]

Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review 12.06.2015 $DY $FB $AMZN

Every Sunday I go through my watch list of stocks and study the prior weeks action of the stock market from a trend following perspective. We possibly are in the later stages of one of the most hated bull markets ever. There is great fear and many have thought the stock market will crash. They […]

Why You Need Rules When Trend Following #UVE

As I always say, trading and trend following is risky. There is no free lunch. There is always risks. That is why one needs trading rules for entries…exits…when to take a loss and when to take a profit. In this short video you will see three examples of when to exited the Stock UVE.


TrendFollowing Facebook in a New Bull Move Potentially #FB #QQQ

Facebook has both the technical and the fundamentals to potentially be a profitable trade. First I look at the stock market itself, then I look for companies I can understand. More so I look for something new to make the stock move. Facebook has this with strong well as potentially even greater returns due […]

TrendFollowing Concepts Institutional Investors Use

When we trendfollow stocks it is always a great idea to trade with the institutions. Institutions can only trade liquid stocks. Alot of stock trend following is common sense. All we have to do is read the newspapers and be aware. For instance, cyber security is always in the news. How many of you use […]

The Art of TrendFollowing

As much as we have rules when we trend follow, there is some aspect of “Art” when trend following stocks. I am referring to the selection of stocks when trend following. Yes we want certain fundamental aspects….and technical….but we can not buy everything….That is what this video is about… The Art of TrendFollowing


Have Your Watch List Ready For a Stock Market Rally $MBLY

Just because we fell several hundred points today, there is no need to buy out the scotch. If you have a plan you should have been in cash as myself and my students have been. Now is the time to prepare. Most profits are made after severe sell offs.

I am readying my watch […]

Reversals and Failures in Leading High Growth Stocks $TWTR $ATHM $AAPL $QQQ

Many of the leading stocks and high growth stocks from a trend following perspective are failing. I look to combine both technical and fundamental aspects to identify leading stocks and high growth stocks….We currently have 7 Distribution days which is not healthy and now many leaders failing!

Could this be the beginning of the eventual […]

Leading Stocks However the Strength of the Stock Market is Questionable

Educational only! You are responsible for your own investment decisions.

The Market is not overly strong. Actually there are 5 distribution days on both the QQQ and SPY. The question is will the market over come this weakness….Take this into account the age of the stock market 6 years +. This is not overly favorable. […]