Crude Soars To $104.00 – Great Help to a Tired Bull Market

Lets added the reasons the Bull market should not continue…( however anything can happen & biases are not conducive to positive trend following)…

1. Rising Interest rates – Actually similar to what transpired in 1994 2. Rising Crude prices- Never a positive for the stock market 3. The age and extent of this Bull market […]

6th Longest Out of the last 24 Bull Markets $SPY $DOW

The good news just keeps on flowing. This market is going to 20,000. Too many forgot the word “Bear Market”. The fact is there will always be bull markets and bear markets and traders need an exact plan on how to deal with both. I have a chart on my office wall of every bull […]

There is Always a Bull Market and a Bear Market when Trend Following

One of the main principles I work on is identifying the strongest and weakest markets. When we trend follow we make ourselves available for any situation. One market now is possibly in a parabolic bull market. This is the grain markets. Corn, wheat and soybeans have been taking off. No one ever rings a bell […]