Dangerous Signs on the Stock Indexes Trend Following #QQQ #SPY

The QQQ has joined the SPY below it’s 200 day moving average. The index closed near it’s intraday lows and has broken below it’s critical 50 day moving average support level. The relative strength line of the many of the leading stocks is starting to get hit. This is the first time the index has […]

New Bull Market or Beginning of New Bear Market #TrendFollowing

There is all this talk about recessions and fear in the stock market. The question that was posed over the weekend is Are we are the beginning of a New bull Market or a New Bear Market.

Simple answer, take it day by day with a plan.

Currently I am long a handful […]

Is Apple’s Run Over? $AAPL $QQQ

Many of the stock market indices I look at, are doing all that well. I am not long as well as it has been a very tough market to be short. Most bulls and bears are not making money. Apple seems to be at a key juncture.

Watch this video and let me know […]

Cut Out the Noise & Look at the Big Picture Trend Following

There is so much noise. We need to simplify things. One of things I suggest is look at a weekly or a monthly chart. You will see exactly where you are at.

SPY- Stock Market Bullish

GLD -Gold Market Bearish


Will the SPY Break the 200 Day Moving Average -Bear Market?

Been a tough market for bulls and bears as the vast majority of shares have gone nowhere. There have been some exceptions like Palo Alto and Sketchers…but so many stocks breakout only to fail.Admittedly frustrating for Bulls…

The big question will the 200 Day Moving Average hold. The 200 day moving average is the line […]

Happy Birthday 6 Year Old Bull Market

It is ironic; at potential stock market tops the crowd is always eager to join the party. In 6 weeks there “might” be the Birthday party of this old tired bull market. This is much longer than most stock market cycles. However in trading anything can and will happen. In my personal experience the greatest […]

How Much Longer will the Bull Market Roar?

This is an old bull market statistically….however anything can and will happen… Do you have a complete trading plan?

Stock Market Hitting New Highs- However Stock Leaders are NOT Leading

Currently we are in a later stage move in the stock market. If you look at it from 2009 lows or even 2011 lows, this is an old tired bull market. Yes we are hitting new highs on the indexes, however there is a lack of leading stocks. This is not a positive sign for […]

Do not Be a Stock Market Bear or Stock Market Bull Trend Following $SPY

My Saturday evening update regarding the recent trading days from a trend following perspective…

Fourth Largest Bull Market History- Can the Party Keep on Going? $SPY $NQ

Bull markets and Bear markets usually have a longevity or time span. This bull market is a 100 year old man acting like a 30 year old. The S&P 500 is now 162% higher from its March 9 2009 lows. In another context it is 120% greater than the median duration of other Bull markets. […]