Yes You Can Really Make $1,000,000 Trend Following (Quote From Market Wizards)

Michael Marcus told Bruce Kovner that it was really possible to make a $1,000,000 trading.Both Michael Marcus and Bruce Kovner are Trend Followers. Michael Marcus returned 2,500% and Bruce Kovner is on the Fortune richest people list. However, do not think that trend following is easy. Most people lose money. More than 90% of traders […]

Bruce Kovner Trend Following Legend & Market Wizard

Bruce Kovner started in the mid 1970s. He traded a $4,000 position up to $45,000 in a period of a month of and a half. However he lost half of this amount and what was most striking he lost his profit in only one hour. Trading without a well thought out plan can be devastating. […]

Yes You Really Can Make A Million Dollars When Trend Following- Marhedge Article

It is really possible to do this ( however it is not easy). The vast majority of people can not do this. They quit at the first inevitable period of draw downs or losses. They then look for something different than trend following. Most people do not have the correct attitude when trend following. They […]

Bruce Kovner: Market Wizard Trend Follower

Bruce Kovner was written about in the original Market Wizards book. There are some comments from Bruce Kovner that every trend follower and stock trader should internalize. I reread through market wizards over the weekend and want to highlight some interesting points for trend followers.

Quoting Kovner,

“You have to be willing to make mistakes […]