TrendFollowing Market Leaders with Gaps and Pyramiding #FB

When we trendfollow stocks, we want to combine fundamentals and technical with a careful on the stock market itself. Facebook I recently purchased when it broke out for both reasons…technical and fundamental. It is extremely profitable…plus they are looking to monetize Instagram and whatsapp.

Yesterday facebook gapped on earnings and is at a new […]

The Truth About Trend Following

This is the forward of my book…The Bible of Trend Following. I read it often and it keeps me focused…Just thought to share…

The Bible of Trend Following

I’ve been trading for investors for over 30 years. My first fund, Tactical Commodity Fund started in mid-1981. Tactical’s current program began in 1993 as an offshoot […]

Cyber Stocks and Security Stocks Breakout Trend Following $QQQ $CYBR $PANW

Alot of trading and trend following is common sense. Peter Lynch would take his children to the mall and see what they were looking for. In this case the cyber thieves are going to the mall to steal our credit cards and cause mayhem. Cyber stocks have been big profit centers and have been trending […]

Weekend Stock Review $CYBR $TWTR $QQQ $SPY

The stock market sold off very hard on Friday..or in more descriptive terms…

The market really got creamed!!!

The SP 500 is now back below the 50 day moving average while the QQQ is slightly above. Due to large volume another distribution day was added. No one knows if the sell off will continue or […]

Why Did the Stock Market Sell off So Hard? $QQQ

Does the stock market really need a reason. Just look at Sonic. They reported good earnings and the stock tanked. One key has been the preponderance of Distribution days. They have been in the 6 range in both the SPY and QQQ. Caution should be exercised at this juncture and trades should have exact pre […]

Pyramiding your way to Profits in the Stock Market via Trend Following

When you have conviction and the market is coming out of a Bear Market depending on your personality you might want to consider pyramiding your stock positions and increasing your potential profits via trend following and trend following breakouts… Watch this educational video to learn more….Remember trading is risky…you can lose money…It takes commitment and […]

Trading Stocks using the 50 Day Exponential Moving Average- Trend following

Trend following is just that…follow the trend. If you are long one of the strongest suggestions I can make is trade long when above at least the 50 day exponential moving average. Watch this short video in order to enhance your trend following skills…

Best Trading Book That I Read Bible of Trend Following

Hi Andrew,

I am writing for you because I recently read your book “The Bible of Trend Following” and I want to thank you from all of my heart for this great book. It is the best book I read in the last 2 years.

It helped me to write a complete and logical trading […]

Review of The Bible of Trend Following

Review of The Bible of Trend Following… Thank you…I put my heart into this book actually for my children…

I have a losing streak for a long while. Lucky that I came across this book, read it and realized what wrongs I, as a trend follower, had made and what rules I had not followed. […]

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